Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday's Little Dilemma.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. (It took me half the morning to figure that out today... I was CONVINCED it was Monday today.) It will be a week since the cut off date the library set for applications.

Has anyone heard anything yet? It's one of those you-aren't-contacted-unless-we-want-an-interview... and do-not-call-please...

One of the librarians said to Marc that there were over 200 applicants.. and so... I'm searching the job bank once again.


To keep my hands (and therefore, my mind) busy, the girls and I made some mini's yesterday out of clay. (real clay. The wet, air dry type. Veeeery messy, but soooo worth it.) I made apples, oranges, peaches, bananas and a watermelon. I made challah bread and pumpernickle bread and french bread, and cinnamon buns and cookies. All are almost dry today, and ready to paint. And then, I list them and hope for the best.

I listed some small "j-cloth" type cloths today. It was fun, and they are so cute. A nice miniature doll house touch, I think. (Doesn't the Ken doll sort of look like that strange dude on the commercial for those cloths that suck up lots of liquid?? He's Cool for Cats in that jacket...Swears on Hows-Your-Father... hehe.)

I also bought some hallowe'en printed fabric the other day at Fabricland. I want to make a Raggedy Ann dress with it. Maybe a comforter or some pillows (miniature, of course.)

I need a proper work space. Right now, all of my craft supplies live in various inconveinient spots in the living room and kitchen. The basement is the only logical space.. but I HATE the basement. There's no WINDOWS. And it's DARK. And COLD. But, if I ever want my sewing machine to have a permanent home, that will have to be IT.

I've got SO many ideas for things that I can't start on, because they are involved and need the space to stay out for days while I work on them..you know?

I'm sure there a a dozen other crafters in the same spot. What do you all do to solve the small space dilemma????



queenvanna said...

i have spread to take over every corner of every living space... mostly the diningroom and end table in the livingroom. many of my things have permanent homes, but i cannot spend any time in my room ALONE, so i bring little projects out to work on while being supervised by the girls!! =D

littlescotia said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not alone with the "Crafts Take Over The House, News At 11" dilemma. :)