Monday, July 14, 2008

Stalking Alchemy

Last night and this morning I began work on some EXTREME miniature paintings. I've been stalking the Alchemy at Etsy, and there was a woman looking for mini art. So, I've come up with some fun stuff. The only problem I'm having is actually getting GOOD pics of them! I may have to scan to get all the details the way I want to see them. These ones are copies of the large pieces that Marc and I have on our walls (Marc is the artist.) They are too much fun, although they take longer to finish then you would imagine!

I ate an entire 65g chocolate bar while listing stuff this morning. Ugh. (It was good in the moment...mmmmm. Now, I think I need some water or something.)

It's 2pm. I'm still in PJ's.

I'm good with that.


Oh, my tomato plants are finally getting tomato "babies"... It's another overcast day. I sure do hope we get some regular sun over this summer, or my garden is gonna STINK. My tomato plants are more leaf and stalk than anything else. Yesterday's weather was mostly good. I got 4 loads of laundry washed and lined dried over the course of the day. Now, if we can just have those days steadily, it'll feel like summer before fall gets here!

Back to painting.


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Alex said...

The mini art looks cool! :) I love to draw and paint as well. Keep us posted on the mini art, please.