Saturday, July 26, 2008

Non Stop Vinyl Cafe.

All day with no kids, no hunny, and no interruptions. It was non-stop vinyl action. LOUD.

I listened to (in no particular order):

Blondie, "Eat to the Beat" and "Parallell lines"...
The Vapors, "Clear New Days",
Talking Heads, "Speaking in Tongues",
The Cars, "The Cars",
Thomas Dolby, "Blinded by Science",
Squeeze, "Singles",
Pretty In Pink Soundtrack,
David Bowie, "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust",
and a Uriah Heep album I can't remember the title of.

OVER AND OVER AND OVER again (because my creepy vintage record-player-in-a-cabinet has ghosts, I think. Randomly plays over again, only sometimes though.) And I was so happy!

I did a few new paintings, finally finished my Rockabilly Raggedy Ann's undies and listed her (even though I haven't painted her eyes on yet...) Listed a few paintings, and some frames to sell as supplies.

What I did NOT do this weekend, however, was clean anything. My house is in an EMBARRASING state. seriously. I managed to run the dishwasher today between jumping up to change the record, painting, and peeing, ... but I haven't done much else.

Marc will be home soon to collect me and get busy doing some Saturday Bizniz... So, I gotta wake up out of my artist fog, and get beeeeautiful.


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