Friday, July 11, 2008

Extreme Frugal Lori - Doesn't go anywhere near a theatre near you, cause it costs money.

Big Weird Changes at Little Scotia.

I am no longer doing daycare. Daycare lady no more... Too small a space, too many kids, too much stress. This leaves me with my creative force and optimism to make money.

I've been facing the last few days (my first ones without the daycare kids) in a bit of a haze. A "what do I do with myself" haze. The kids paid the bills, allowed me to stash some cash for the house I've been dreaming of since I was 19, and filled my days.

Of course, there's my crafting. It keeps my hands busy, makes me feel creative. There's my writing. Realistically, I know that if I ever actually get more than my collection of poetry down, it will still be years before seeing any pay off from that. (If I were more organized, I'm sure I could get a magazine article or two here and there... but I'm not. I'm a flipping mess.)

The plan was in September to get an out-of-the-house job, and that was mainly because I thought I had one lined up. Management, good money, worth the time and effort. I'm pretty sure that has lost it's momentum. (I haven't given up completely on it yet... we'll see what happens in September.) Until I figure something out, it's back to Extreme Frugal Lori.

(In that deep, gravelly theatre-dude voice, you hear:)

Meet Extreme Frugal Lori. She bakes from scratch, because it's cheaper, she monitors what every one is eating and when. She's crazy about turning off lights and unplugging appliances, and never ever dines out. Extreme Frugal Lori's hobbies include reading books and borrowing movies from the Midland Public library, taking the children on aimless walks, reselling every thing and anything she can get her hands on to make a buck, praying for guidance and calm, and cancelling the cable. Subscribe to Extreme Frugal Lori's blog to get Extreme updates on the wacky shit she's doing for a dollar today, and make sure to stop by her etsy shop. The Landlord will thank you.

Yeah. Good times.

I got a couple of 3 hour tours for next weekend, from a shopping site I have worked for in the past. I'll be standing outside of businesses taking survey answers. Saturday and Sunday will be $60 days each. That's a bonus. The pay doesn't actually come in until next month, but whateva...

I've also been thinking about dusting off my tarot cards. I'm not completely convinced yet that that's what I should do. It's been so long, (2 Years.) that I'm feeling hesitant. It was fun work but also hard work. It takes a lot out of a person to do it. Yep, I see stuff and sometimes hear stuff and feel stuff and dream stuff. The Goddess works in cycles, and I've got to listen. If you have a talent, it should be used for good and light things. Nothin to be afraid of, folks. We all dream, after all.

Ok, the pixies need to be tucked into bed, and I've got a Rockabilly Raggedy Ann that needs her dress finished.



Alex said...

Good luck with your new endeavors. I love your craftiness!! :)

PS How's the bunny doing?

littlescotia said...

Bunny is doing well at the OSPCA... (I wanted to KKEEEEPPP HIIIMMM!)