Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sure For The First Time I'm Wearing The Right Clothes

Stripped myself naked with a Mental Health Clinician today. (with a B.A, my luvs) Bore all, with my sense of humour to lessen the pull of tears. (That is my way. I know this about myself.)

"Oh, the enigmatic puzzle that is Lori Petroff." he said, after 2 hours of questions, answers, talking, and tests... He said it with a chuckle and I took it as a compliment. I came out feeling way better than I went in. Sure of myself.

Felt one hell of a lot better after being told he wouldn't change a thing about me. I was also paid a compliment in regards to how I view my mood changes as having balance. How I feel that someone who has such incredible highs MUST be balanced out by incredible lows, and that I understand it completely when I'm at one end or the other. There was alot said. Mainly, I do not need drugs, I am not in need of a psychiatrist, I don't have any personality disorders, and there are no underlying things from my past that I need deep therapy for (because I've handled it well and have it in its' place.) Just a little talk therapy to learn to communicate when I am emotional. He remarked, how can a person such as myself not be a little emotional and dramatic? A writer, and artist, a mother, the compass of this family.

I know myself.

I thought so.

One most awesome thing was just the talking about my past... and what a damn good story it's going to make when I'm old, and can add a few chapters to the current ones.


I sold a little painting today on etsy. That was fun! Painted about 3 more.

Tonight, I think I'll quilt.

And maybe Eat Cake!


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