Sunday, July 13, 2008

Auto Start. Push to Begin.

Cabbage Patch Figurines listed on Etsy today. I squealed when Marc and I found them!

Yesterday was a family party. My Uncle and Cousin from Nova Scotia, Aunts and Uncles from Toronto, and Cousin from "almost moving to near Oshawa" came. (sorry Heather, I can't remember where you are now, just where you're going...) It was FREEEKIN AWESOME.

It was pretty laid back, and my beloved arrived right after work which was gooood. (It was the first time he's met them - Poor guy, getting ki-boshed all at once.) It left me with a nice sense of belonging and bonding...I hermit up a lot, deeper and deeper into myself and my house, way past the point of reason sometimes.

This morning I woke with a renewed sense of energy. Before the goober was even out of my eyes, I had the fabric markers out and was carefully putting my Rockabilly Raggedy's eyes in place. I put her little almost-finished dress on her, and today I'm going to finish her little "pantaloons" (Is that a word you can pluralize? Not sure, but I'm using my poetic license on that one, folks.) I feel kick-started back into myself.

I watered the tomatoes, strawberries and herbs, put a load of laundry on (first sheets, then towels) and it's a perfect clothes line day today.

There is a quiet excited energy in the house and in our yard today. It beams down from the sun and soaks into the ground at our Little Scotia. I'm soaking it up too. (At about 2am, the truck started on it's own last night. The truck is parked outside our window, and there was no one around. Not sure if the auto starter is fritzing out, but my half asleep self chalked it up to some extra energy buzzing around the two of us and our home. Although it completely wigged me out last night, this morning I'm satisfied with the confirmation.)

Happy Sunday!

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