Saturday, July 19, 2008


The things I do for money... I swear.

Today I did a "contract" job. $60 to stand outside of PartSource for 3 hours and ask people questions they don't want to be asked, about customer service. Really, being who I am, it took all that was in me to not take it personally when people wanted no part of it. BUT, I've BEEN the person who wanted no part of it as many times as I've been the person who happily did the survey (and there were a few of those, too.) Mostly, I was just hoping I'd get enough people within the three hours to make it a viable submission. I bucked up and put a smile on, swept my social disfunctions aside and completed the job.

Jumped right out of myself, tried on someone else's personality for a bit, and completed it.

Tomorrow, I'm doing the same thing outside of Canadian Tire Gas Bar. That should be fun.


I've been feeling spacey, all in tune with nature and my dreams and listening to the secret psychic messages...and then, over chinese food at the food court, the question "Have you been taking your suppliments lately???" is posed. And I thought, no.. I have not been.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? My stomach has been very very upset the last couple of mornings, and I can't bear to think about putting anything in it at all until sometime later. By then, my morning routine of popping pills has past, and I get on with my day. I take iron suppliment (a natural, non constipating type... cause, YOU KNOW.... ) I was taking a "one a day for women"... and a suppliment called "Eight"... which was the Health and Bulk Food's solution to "apparently people around me think I'm cranky and crazy about two days before my period." This little number contains white willow bark, hops flowers, wood betony herb, passion flower herb, ginger root, chamomile flowers, capsicum fruit and schizandra fruit. (Yes, I had to get the bottle out to remember all the ingredients. )

So, this Eight is all about MELLOW and RELAX and FOCUS. But, is it getting in the way of my Spidey Senses? Is it making me numb? Is the whole painful stomach actually more a symptom of NOT taking all that mellowing herb into my guts every morning??

Umm... where was I going with this again?(just kidding.)

But what's the trade off? I get my dreams and astral travel back and be the emotional person I know I am? Or take the suppliment and be stoned silent on hops and camomile?

All together, no matter how you slice it... It's ALL Too Much Information. And the lesson of this blog is, be nice to the survey lady. She might be on a mission from Gawd.


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