Saturday, April 11, 2009

Next Stop - Karma Marketplace

What's shakin' in Little Scotia's world?

Well, I got a J.O.B. outside of the house. I haven't worked outside of the house in about 5 years or so (maybe 4? I've lost track.) but, when this job knocked at my door (literally plunked into my lap.) I HAD to say yes. I had said a prayer to the Universe and all the Gods and Goddesses who listen, that It would bring THE opportunity, and that I would have the ability to say yes.

I've been there a month, and it has been wonderful. It's taking some adjusting, though. Changes in habits. But, I'm really happy.

Ofcourse, this doesn't leave me much time for crafting new things. Not like I had been doing, anyway. Spring is just here, and summer will be arriving on it's heels, and that's the time to be OUTSIDE anyway. I DO still have premade goodies in my etsy store, and a few things will be prepped to go to a local shop for sale (Karma Marketplace, in P-tang.) and then, we'll see.

It's the "long weekend" this weekend. I'm so glad we do our Ostara (Easter) at Spring Equinox, and avoid all the Easter Weekend madness. The Big Box Store retail madness, to be more precise.

Anywho, thought I should check in. It's been a while.