Monday, October 24, 2011

Food foodfoodfoodfood....

Today I feel particularly abundant. I spent all day in the kitchen. (ok, all day after about 10am-ish.)

I'm used to baking FAST - one recipe is ready as the next is coming out. So, today I had a few goals - snacks for the kids for school, and getting some of the garden and farmers market produce dealt with.

Made little zucchini bread and banana bread, a whole pile of oatmeal raisin cookies, and some bran and chocolate chip muffins. (just enough chocolate chips to get them to eat the whole muffin! lol.) I froze a bunch of them, and I'm hoping it'll get me through at least 2 weeks of lunch snacks (I'm erring on the side of "Teenager Appetite.")

The few sweet potatoes and beets left have just come out of the oven (sweet potato buscuits are in my future, and the beets are going to end up for dinner.) But there are about 15 little tomatoes, 2 big zucchinis, 3 acorn squash, a bag of dirty dirty potatoes, some shrivelling peppers and an enormous amount of carrots that need my attention. Not to mention what ever might be out in the garden left out in the cold... (a few eggplant, MORE chard, renegade tomatoes, and ofcourse BEANS!)

Right. After. This. Tea.

My brain is full of FOOD. Filling up the freezer, making casseroles, filling the crock pot. Is it just the time of year? Harvest and getting ready for winter? Am a channelling squirrels?

I'm pleased with how tired my legs are from standing all day in the kitchen. (again, 'all day' translates into about 4 hours.)

What else is new?

*I'm playing with my own radio station - for my tarot. How much fun is that??
*I got accepted into the First Light Craft Show - this is a big deal for me! I'll be
sewing dollies like mad for the next month.
*The Urban Agriculture course is AWESOME. It makes me so HAPPY!
*This week, my business partners Tara and Ed are getting their BMW (27th) This means I'll be skipping Stitch n Bitch this week. (Ladies, bring your stitching to the car dealership! lol.)
*My own Vi business is picking up momentum, fast! I love check delivery Mondays!
*Oh, and I think I'm not even going to attempt NaNoWriMo this year. So sad.

I think that is all of the updates... I think.
Oh, I did have a big rant about abundance... but I think I'll save it for another blog.

Lori :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Publishing my own Kids Books...

I've been thinking about What to do for the pixie for FESTIVUS! Every year is getting more and more of a challenge. Because we don't purchase a tonne of retail things, (generally one new thing each.) it's something we must THINK about.

I never wanted Christmas/Yule to be about the money grab. And so, we must think.

And, I've been thinking, that I might publish a book for each of the girls. Complete with my own illustrations/paintings. Now, the hardest part is to probably sit and think about WHAT the story will be for each of them. THIS is going to be the fun part.

And, I think it's a better alternative than putting a new guinea pig in a box with holes under the tree at the in-laws/loves house on Christmas morning.

This will require me to really have a GOOD THINK about who they are, what they like, and how to interpret it in book form.

Because what do you give to 2 little girls who have one of everything? (We clearly don't need another Polly Pocket or Barbie in this house.)

So, any ideas on how I should approach this??


Sunday, October 16, 2011

At Kings Wharf Theatre in Penetanguishene

SO rainy and windy the last few days, it's a bit like living in a Stephen King novel.. you know, just BEFORE the monsters come out.

I went out with 2 girlfriends to a show at King Wharf Theatre in Penetanguishene. "Abba Mania" with some performers doing Bee Gee's (oh yes, all of them full dress, tribute bands.) There was a peculiar man doing spot-on voice impersonations of TOO many famous people to recall, even. It was silly fun, and it was really nice to have a night out.

One of the Abba Mania performers is from Midland/Penetanguishene (Monica Teitz) and when I did a little research, it seems that she does quite a bit of work in things like this - other tribute bands, (I'm guessing with the same entertainment company. Nice gig!)

So, the ladies had choreography down for each song, and I found it SO distracting, in a giggly way. Can you imagine that being your job, for years and years and years - knowing those routines and steps and lyrics by instinct?

I forgot my camera. Which is too bad, because the Bee Gee performers were all yummy. (*giggle-snort*) but I don't want to know what they have to do to hit those notes. (What happens at Kings Wharf Theatre STAYS at Kings Wharf Theatre?? lol.)

Yesterday I had a tarot house party. This group of ladies always make me feel so welcome and comfortable. They invited me last year around this time, too. It made me remember why I love doing house parties, especially when the people attending know each other well enough to sit in on each others readings. The time flew by, and somehow I stayed on 'schedule' (half hour for each querent.) Without having to watch the time or set the alarm on my phone.

Today is going to be relaxed and stress free. I love Sundays.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Whaddaya Mean it Ain't Friday Yet?

Because it sure feels like it.

Although the date book has been kept full, with all the things I insist on juggling. DO ALL THE THINGS!!!

*Got an assignment due for the Sustainable Agriculture course next Sunday - but it's quite involved, and I should probably have started it already.

*Got to do some laundry for the pixies.

*Got appointments this weekend for my ViSalus Business

*Got a tarot party on Saturday

*Got to figure out something for dinner tonight.

*Gotta have something awesome to wear to an Abba Tribute concert on Friday (OMG that's tomorrow...snap.)

*Gotta sew lots of babies for the upcoming shows!

Life is Good. All I want to do right now is get in the tub, though. I might just indulge. And hope that the laundry doesn't interfere.

If you are interested in info on how you can get some cheques like this, see:

U.S, Canada and Jamaica!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Zumba My Ass... Please.

Went to Zumba for the first time ever this evening, with a girlfriend who was SO cool about me tagging along.

I only felt uncoordinated about 30% of the time - 20% I made up as I went - and the rest I think I followed along OK. (or was that just in my mind?) However, most of the other ladies there were just about as uncoordinated as I was, so I didn't feel bad.

An hour long - that's it. I've danced longer and harder on a Saturday night in street clothes and a drink in my hand. However, this was FUN.

No posterizing, no scrutiny, no jerks to spill drinks on you or try to take you home during the last dance. (although, if I give it time, I might pick SOMEBODY up. ahhahahaha.)

There were about 100 women there tonight - and at $6 a head, it makes me wonder what she's paying for use of the room - because GIRL, that is not a bad wage for an hours work. And she had a small class before us, which I assume was probably also about the same and an hour long. Makes me want to shake my money maker on the stage under the lights to loud music. (again, back to Saturday nights, circa 1997ish.)

(Why does it always come down to the "business" with me? Ah well, can't deny who I am...)

My ass is AWARE. My thighs are AWARE. My waist WANTS to be aware, but mostly right now it wants me to put water and possibly boiled-eggish in there.

I have now said Aware too many times and am not sure I'm using it correctly. Pulling out the Poetic License on this one.

It was fun. I might jump around in front of my computer monitor this week to try to get some of those hoochie-machoohcie moves down for next time. (again, just like Saturday nights.)


Love Love Love.

So, I'm taking a course for the Sustainable Urban Agriculture certificate. And I have time to sit and think today. I'm going over in my head, my goals, my dreams, the things I am creating.

A sustainable and permanently affordable home. Green (although not necessarily in the COLOUR green - hehe.)

I want gardens - to grow lots and lots of our own foods. Ideally, I'd love to take part in a co-op, and help others' use THEIR land for growing food, too! Teach and train others to discover the joy and pride in taking control of what they eat, how it's grown, and their own nutrition.

A little place for us to process food for ourselves and others.

Helping my kids reach for their dreams!

Which hopefully won't involve skydiving, but if THAT'S what they want to do, I'll be there cheering them on! (and making uncomfortable whining noises in the back of my throat.)


Whatcha Doin?

Today, I'm home. The littlest pixie got sick in the night, so I got to stay home in jammies! Today was a first day to be 'open' in the studio - but, that's what working for yourself is for - to be able to be home for sick pixies.

So, what am I doin'? I'm surfing, answering business questions, listening to Mulan (the sick pixie chose it, because I love it. lol.) , and putting off the dishes.

I forgot that today was commission day! All the notifications have arrived for my work from home commissions. Life is Good.

Without my crafts here, I'm going to be forced to clean. Sigh.

Ah well, Happy Monday!