Monday, October 3, 2011

Love Love Love.

So, I'm taking a course for the Sustainable Urban Agriculture certificate. And I have time to sit and think today. I'm going over in my head, my goals, my dreams, the things I am creating.

A sustainable and permanently affordable home. Green (although not necessarily in the COLOUR green - hehe.)

I want gardens - to grow lots and lots of our own foods. Ideally, I'd love to take part in a co-op, and help others' use THEIR land for growing food, too! Teach and train others to discover the joy and pride in taking control of what they eat, how it's grown, and their own nutrition.

A little place for us to process food for ourselves and others.

Helping my kids reach for their dreams!

Which hopefully won't involve skydiving, but if THAT'S what they want to do, I'll be there cheering them on! (and making uncomfortable whining noises in the back of my throat.)


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Sheena B said...

We all have to support our children in any decision they matter how uncomfortable it may feel...they need to be their own person and we have to support that!! :D