Monday, October 17, 2011

Publishing my own Kids Books...

I've been thinking about What to do for the pixie for FESTIVUS! Every year is getting more and more of a challenge. Because we don't purchase a tonne of retail things, (generally one new thing each.) it's something we must THINK about.

I never wanted Christmas/Yule to be about the money grab. And so, we must think.

And, I've been thinking, that I might publish a book for each of the girls. Complete with my own illustrations/paintings. Now, the hardest part is to probably sit and think about WHAT the story will be for each of them. THIS is going to be the fun part.

And, I think it's a better alternative than putting a new guinea pig in a box with holes under the tree at the in-laws/loves house on Christmas morning.

This will require me to really have a GOOD THINK about who they are, what they like, and how to interpret it in book form.

Because what do you give to 2 little girls who have one of everything? (We clearly don't need another Polly Pocket or Barbie in this house.)

So, any ideas on how I should approach this??


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