Monday, September 22, 2014

And, The Ball Drops.

So, the big opportunity, that was to answer the 14 year request, FELL. Hard.

I cried a little.

And I'm left wondering WHAT does the Universe WANT of me? I'm mostly convinced, after a week of sitting on the disappointing news, that what I'm to do is GIVE UP this goal, and refocus elsewhere.

So.. then I think.. Well, where? Feeling a little lost.

I haven't done any writing in weeks. I haven't touched the piles of stuff in the livingroom, hallways, basement, since getting the notice. I was disappointed. Now, I'm just scratching my head. Everything lined up so perfectly, so prettily, just to slam me with a bitter pie-in-the-face.

So. Right now I feel like I'm just carrying on. Still working on Saving Myself, and my kids along with me.

Hoping the Universe reveals what it wants of me, soon.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oh my GAWD, The Ball is ROLLING!

Got some CRAZY big opportunity put in my FACE by the UNIVERSE this week. Loud and Clear. So many things have led up to this moment, and everything feels RIGHT. I'm so freekin' excited, and I'm working on manifesting the NEXT STEP for it.

So, today I spent hours purging with a girlfriend here to help me. She really lit the fire under me, and made me make the decisions of "keep or donate." Today she focused on the kitchen, and I touched some THINGS in the livingroom. We did two van loads to the thrift store, and bags of garbage were filled. I also marked some filled boxes with CRAFT SALE.

Tomorrow I'm in the basement. I will need to get some more boxes from the grocery. So exciting.

ALSO, I've been going over some training I did some time ago, to boost my home and not-at-home businesses. There are free videos, but the paid parts of this are totally worth it.

It's a weird thing transitioning my home business from a crafty and artistic side, to more of what I'm doing with Tarot and Reflexology. But it does feel good to purge. The Tarot and Reflexology are bringing in more than enough. I don't have to craft for money anymore. Having the extra space in the house feels so good.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Liquidating the Craft Stash.

Here we are. The last week of August. My craft corner is still a disaster. I've been bringing embroidery to stitch and bitch, and that's about it. My heart just isn't in it. I'm busy with Reflexology, with the psychic readings, and with the thrift store.

So, I'm going to liquidate. all the craft shit I haven't used. There are books here just collecting dust. There are buckets of hoarded material. Scrapbooking stuff and jewellery making stuff, wooden pieces for painting, doll making stuff, etc etc etc.. it goes on and on. And it's taking up space. I figure it'll be easy to keep the embroidery stuff since I use it, and the canvasses and paint.

Clearly I'm going in a different direction these days. And by these days, I mean the last year. This is the second year I haven't done market with crafty stuff. I was busy doing the other things that the Universe has pointed me towards.

AND, if ever I decide I really really need any of those things again, because my income depends on it, I work at a thrift store. They will be easy to aquire.

It feels freeing. Now that I have a plan in place to get some money for all the things. Because that was a bit of a hold up. I have a credit card. It is full. I would love to put some money on it and get it chunked down. I've made no headway on it in the last year. And if anything, I've been leaning on it for gas and food in the lean months. I think I'm still catching up from last summers Lunacy.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

blaa blaa blaa.

So. Little Scotia has been all about THE INTENTION of creating. But, It's half way through the summer, and I haven't sewn a stitch.

Well, that's a fib. I've done some embroidery. But I really havent completed anything. It leaves me feeling a bit disappointed in myself.

It's been 2 years, and I'm realizing that I'm REALLY having a difficult time juggling kids and home and work on my own. Or maybe I'm just reviewing the past with rose coloured glasses? I'm getting no sewing done. However, I'm 10 hours a week at the thrift store, and about 15 hours a week at tarot and Reflexology. Which really doesn't sound like a lot, but my days are chopped up into little pieces. If I have an appointment at, say, 11am, I will be incapable of doing anything in the morning but wait around for that 11am. I'll be done by 12:30, or sometimes 2, and the rest of the afternoon is SERIOUSLY spent waiting around for 4, when I will start dinner.

It's all in my head, I know.

And the Universe has repeated to me last week, over and over, that I MUST SAVE MYSELF. There will be no lotto, only my own genius and action to work on getting ahead.

My brain doesn't do very well with the division, I think. I seem to recall, when I was crafting and only doing markets, I was earning more in pocket, than I am now, juggling all the things.

I keep checking in with the Universe about the Little Cottage House that will be mine... Sigh.

Working on raising my vibration to meet it. But, I also have to change something to raise my income. And still maintain house and family.

I'm ranting. I should be sewing. But everyone knows you can't work on anything when your vibration is low.

Going to listen to some music. And ponder.  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bizniz Bizniz.

Although the weather was FRIGHTFUL a few nights ago, it's been quite delightful today, and yesterday.

Last night was the MDBWA June's Networking / Year end event. (Stands for Midland District Business Women's Association.. but if I don't have the letters in front of me, I will NEVER get the order of those words correct. Ever. )  It was called "Bring your Bling"... I wore my little black dress, my dragon corset, some sticks in my hair, and a chinese patterned soft purse. My friend Tess came, all rock starred out. We had so much fun, that I THINK I forgot to network.

Also, yesterday I got a membership to MOMpreneurs, the simcoe county chapter. I'm interested to see how it will benefit my business. You know. Because that's what it's for, and all.

I think my brain is easing into the idea of being at the Thrift Store over the summer. I really do love it there. I just really also love summer time picnics and swimming and gardening and afternoon naps. 


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Trying to work it all out.

All the things I do, I do in order to be available for my children. Bottom Line. To take a full time job somewhere would not be as flexible as ALL my part time THINGS are.

*I work 2 or 3 days a week, 5 hour shifts, at a Thrift Store.
*I am available 2 or 3 days a week at the Wellness Centre, where I am a Reflexologist and read Tarot. I don't always have appointments, and will be there anywhere between 1 and 4 hours.
*Live Tarot. I do individual readings during the days I'm not at the other two places, while the kids are in school. I will do parties on weekends. I'm discovering it's not always easy to have coverage for those times.
*I sell stuff in a local shop. On Consignment. Art and toys I make. 
*I sell stuff online. I have a little online store, for vintage stuff. And for handmade stuff. I also have tarot readings available online through email. And although I don't promote it too much, I sell Tower Gardens and Juice Plus online.

Part of my plan this summer was to NOT be at the thrift store, but do the Farmers Markets with my art. However, the Thrift Store now NEEDS me, and so I am staying.

I'm not feeling incredibly organized. And I am feeling stretched. The juggling of all the things have left me feeling frustrated and like I'm accomplishing nothing. I have to continually remind myself my REASON why. I think "Wouldn't it be easier just to go get a J.O.B?"

I've been recalling a LOT this week, how happy and satisified, and how balanced life felt to me when I was doing markets, creating all week long, in between hanging out with the children. How I was paying all my bills. How I was NOT depending on the overdraft.

I KNOW Mercury is in Retrograde. But, come ON, Universe. Help a sister out.