Sunday, October 4, 2015

October. Already?

How is it that I haven't written since April?

Well, I've been working nearly every day since then. Today is the a second day off in a 3 day streak. Which I am so thankful for. I was beginning to feel exceedingly burnt out.

Since then:
  • I signed a lease on a new office space for my tarot readings/energy work. 
  • I've done some writing that has been published on Elephant Magazine . (I have a few pieces, however you'll have to look up my name to find them there. Or join my Writers Facebook Page.
  • I've been paying more attention to my writing in general, submitting short stories to different places, and working on the pieces I've left to collect dust. 
  • My garden was planted, and then didn't look at it again. You should see the tomatoes rotting in the yard. Ugh.
  • I was working 4 and 5 days a week at the thrift store, as well as doing tarot house parties, tarot in my office, and reflexology
  • I made the last payment on my car!
  • I did no sewing, or painting, or crafting of any type. I think those things are for winter. 
Anyway, it's October now. I'm down to 2 days a week at the thrift store (because I asked to be...) The kids are back into the school groove.

Today I am cleaning the house. I did NO cleaning all summer. And it shows. Right now, I'm taking a break because my sinuses are angry with all the dust I'm kicking up.

I've told the Universe that it needs to make sure I can still pay my bills and continue paying down the credit cards I lived off of all summer, and give me the time to clean the house, write the stories, make all the foods.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Seedling Time!

It's seedling time at Little Scotia! 13 days ago I put tomatoes, peppers, and beets in to start. (I've never started beets indoors before, but it was suggested to me that I do, so we'll see.)

This is the first year I've used these Coco seed started pellets to start my seedlings. It's also making me a little nervous. The idea is that they hold water longer, so you are supposed to be able to water less. I'm watching them closely. 
a little container with some herbs.

coconut expanding seedling growing pellets.
The beets are in the square containers with coco filling seedling starter. The square (is it peat? I can't recall, they are from last year.) have started to develop mold. Ugh. so today I'll be spraying that with a peroxide mixture, and covering the whole thing with soil. I'm wondering if they have to go out earlier.

In OTHER news, Here's a BUNCH of free information to help your garden this year! Information for beginners and old pros! :) Enjoy! I'm watching a video or two a day, while doing other things around the house (or during the time I would normally be brainlessly playing facebook games.)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Technically, The Doll is On the LIST.

Today my Reflexology client cancelled. Which left me with a 'free' day. Free Days aren't REALLY free days. We know how this works. There's a list.  It looks like this:

The Big Tall Boy when he was still a little squishy cute boy, as well as the list.

Today, I ignored it.

And instead, finished THIS little beauty.

Technically, she's on the list under the category "Make all the things."

Also, the "Your Mom" at the end of my list MIGHT be an insult, scribbled there by one of my daughters. Their nanny may not be impressed. Except that I'm sure neither one of us will know exactly what it means.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Little Ginger Babushkas

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she Wonderful?
the Irish Russian. Hanging out with the Native Russian, and the Old Sleeping Russian. Party Time.

My boss at the Thrift Store texted me just as I was putting the finishing touches on this little mama. She's a Ginger Mama, and I was thinking of her! It's an Irish Russian Doll. Oh yes I did.
She's just so flippin cute. It is going to be hard to see them go, but a pleasure that they'll bring someone else joy too!

I have a sale at the Native Friendship Centre on March 21st, and I'll bring these beauties. All the others you'll be able to find at the Tiny Art Shack in Tiny Ontario in May 2015. 


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Russian Dolls Have The Best Advice

I've been making a tonne of these ladies over the last week. They take an enormous amount of time for stuffed dolls, but I just ADORE the end results. And they SPEAK to me. In the times of quiet when I get to embroider little faces and aprons, I get the best ideas.

I have about 4 more cut up and in various stages of completion. However, it's slow going. My sewing machine is at the 'end' of the kitchen. And I have to completely dig out the machine and desk, spreading the crafting joy all over the dinner table. I also open up the ironing board to sit in front of the buffet and hutch that houses all the practical and impractical dishes. (I have a bit of a Pretty Tea Cup problem. And a vintage set of dishes, complete with tea pot, creamer, sugar, dishes... that I do not let children touch without supervision.)

Creating in Chaos. It's a thing.

Anyway, it feels like it's time to tidy up to make dinner. (if that's what you can call piling all-the-things back onto and around my sewing machine.)

Still, I adore the process of seeing them come together. These little beauties for the most part will be available for sale at the Tiny Art Shack in Tiny, Ontario, in May 2015. Unless I manage to get it together enough to attend a craft show myself sometime soon.

Little Scotia Lives!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Free Square Credit Card Processing for Craft Shows.

Yesterday, I recieved my Free SQUARE! 

A Square is a device that plugs into your android phone, and allows you to take credit card payments anywhere. Which is fantastic for me and my businesses.

Ofcourse, the first step was that I had to get an ANDROID phone. I had been using an old one with a sliding keyboard. And I loved it. But I really wanted this SQUARE. So, I finally upgraded. The kids welcomed me into "modern times."

I took my first credit card transaction on the Square yesterday, after downloading the app ALL BY MYSELF. (I did have to ask my personal tech support if I was doing it right though, and a question about my phone settings.) It was very easy! I have friends who have been using this for AGES and have had no problem recieving their earnings the next day, deposited right into their bank account.

So, what does this mean for Little Scotia clients? It means that you'll be able to take home dolls and art and all the FUN Little Scotia stuff that you weren't expecting to fall in love with from my booth set up at Farmers Markets and Craft Shows. Convenient! Square can also be used as a regular payment system, you can hook it all up in your office to record ALL of your transactions.

I checked out the backoffice, and there are lots of options for creating your store, with all your items and options.

If you've been thinking about it, no more putting it off! They'll send you a free Square for Credit Card processing HERE.