Sunday, February 1, 2015

Craft and Stuff.

Sigh. I WANT a ROOM. One that is well lit and dry and spacious. One that is just MINE, to create in and display all the little curious THINGS that I have to resell. I have a collection.

There is so much crafting stuff and THINGS hidden in boxes in my dark creepy basement. My sewing machine is shoved into the back of the kitchen, and will most likely need to be moved before too long anyway. (Once the nicer weather hits, we'll all want use of the door to the back yard. Not easily accessable with my mountain of craft back there.)

I also was thinking today, about how this house will only be mine for about another 6 years or so. It's a rental, it's a social housing unit, meaning as soon as the kids are grown and gone, I'll have no need for a 3 bedroom house.

I have been here for 11 years. I basically have for all those years been WORKING on having a place of our own. Instead, we manage to just get along. Can I do what I need to do in 6 years???

Today I brought home an enormous amount of old magazines that I have plans to do some fun stuff with. They will go on a shelf in my basement.

Gods and Goddesses... help a sister out.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Looky Looky what I just picked up!

Prims Handcrafted Dolls Winter 2015 magazine. Love!

I'm so very excited. It feels SO FLIPPIN GOOD to get back into the sewing, the creating. It makes me so happy.

So simply happy.

I'm good at this. Yes, I am good at a LOT of things, but this really feels like where I'm supposed to be.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Seed Cataloges Are IN

Seed Catalogues are in.

After going through my seed stash from last year, I really REALLY don't need to buy any new seeds. Except for some Zucchini (how did I save ZERO seeds last year?) and also green pepper. I have TONNES of lettuce seeds, mesclun mix, beets... I have about 10 seeds each from about 5 different types of tomatoes. Lots left.

Provided all of them are viable. Which you just know they won't ALL be.

So, I should TOTALLY place an order.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Oh Hey January 2015

How are we 2 weeks in already?

I cleaned out the CRAFT CORNER OF DOOM, and reorganized it, so, like, I can actually access my sewing machine. I've got a few craft shows booked and THAT'S pretty  motivating to get back to work!

There's been a part of me that's been freaking out a bit (as I do EVERY year at this time.) that says "Hey, maybe you should get another job." Sigh. Because I'm going to find the time for THAT somewhere. (I'm part time at a Wellness Centre as a Reflexologist, I read tarot cards in the office as well as at parties, and I'm at a local thrift store part time.) I LOVE all of these things that I do. It's just that time of YEAR, when it's quiet all over.

Why is it THIS time of year I decide to go over my budget? Mental Self Flagelation.

So, it's NICE to lose myself in the making of monkeys and dolls. It's nice to completely ignore the dishes and laundry and housekeeping in general, and instead sew while episodes of Supernatural play in the backround. I love that show.

I have a show at the end of the month at the Huronia Museum in Midland, but I'm only reading cards there - no dolls or toys. Another show booked for the first day of spring. That's pretty exciting. And when I have enough stock, I'll get a table at one of the Farmers and Artisans markets going on locally.

I'd leave you a picture, but I currently cannot find my camera charger. Avoiding housework. ha!

Little Scotia Lori. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

And, The Ball Drops.

So, the big opportunity, that was to answer the 14 year request, FELL. Hard.

I cried a little.

And I'm left wondering WHAT does the Universe WANT of me? I'm mostly convinced, after a week of sitting on the disappointing news, that what I'm to do is GIVE UP this goal, and refocus elsewhere.

So.. then I think.. Well, where? Feeling a little lost.

I haven't done any writing in weeks. I haven't touched the piles of stuff in the livingroom, hallways, basement, since getting the notice. I was disappointed. Now, I'm just scratching my head. Everything lined up so perfectly, so prettily, just to slam me with a bitter pie-in-the-face.

So. Right now I feel like I'm just carrying on. Still working on Saving Myself, and my kids along with me.

Hoping the Universe reveals what it wants of me, soon.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oh my GAWD, The Ball is ROLLING!

Got some CRAZY big opportunity put in my FACE by the UNIVERSE this week. Loud and Clear. So many things have led up to this moment, and everything feels RIGHT. I'm so freekin' excited, and I'm working on manifesting the NEXT STEP for it.

So, today I spent hours purging with a girlfriend here to help me. She really lit the fire under me, and made me make the decisions of "keep or donate." Today she focused on the kitchen, and I touched some THINGS in the livingroom. We did two van loads to the thrift store, and bags of garbage were filled. I also marked some filled boxes with CRAFT SALE.

Tomorrow I'm in the basement. I will need to get some more boxes from the grocery. So exciting.

ALSO, I've been going over some training I did some time ago, to boost my home and not-at-home businesses. There are free videos, but the paid parts of this are totally worth it.

It's a weird thing transitioning my home business from a crafty and artistic side, to more of what I'm doing with Tarot and Reflexology. But it does feel good to purge. The Tarot and Reflexology are bringing in more than enough. I don't have to craft for money anymore. Having the extra space in the house feels so good.