Sunday, October 9, 2016

Little Scotia Art Room

So, a tonne of art supplies are stuffed into the new little room that will be where I design and create my little dolls and Badly Behaved Cross Stitches. It's a strange room so far, because I haven't worked out where everything will live.. and the maintenance fellow tried to clean a stain in the carpet with some sort of cleaner, and the smell bothers me. (Not sure how I'll deal with that, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. )

There are no windows. I can live with this, if I can listen to music while there. Mostly my head is down into the machine anyway...

It was SO nice to touch all the things, while loading them up. I STILL have so much here at the house that has yet to make it over there, but I must organize what is there first, you know?

I haven't taken any photos of the space, because it's still a bit of a disaster (it's how I work. I seem to creatively thrive in an environment where there is chaos... or I can SEE everything I'm working with, all at once.)

Pictures soon, hopefully!!!

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