Thursday, December 1, 2016

Art Room, Little Scotia, Elizabeth Street Midland Ontario.

I moved 2 more buckets and 2 huge garbage bags of material into the Art Room yesterday. I haven't even begun to create anything! Finding tons of projects that are half finished, or just waiting for some finishing touch. Goodness.

It's a small room. Nothing like the one I had a few years ago. But it's a spot, and I will make it work.

I was having a sugar crash when I took the pictures. The last one is all blurry... I was one foot out the door, and overly eager to get some food into me.

It felt good to be in there, folding up material to fit the cupboards, and laying out finished products. I'm putting a pile of stuff on sale, to make room for new creations. Also, for rent money. heh.


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