Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Does This Mean I'm Going To Be Famous?

Today I got my first copy of my book in the mail. I opened it, and tried to savor the moment completely. The girls were waiting in chitter chattery anticipation, not knowing WHAT was in the box, but mummy is awfully and obviously beaming.

I read through it and felt it and pat it and smelled it and read through it again. The girls saw my pic on the back, and the littlest one said "Does this mean you're going to be famous?"... I giggled and said not likely, but it's mine and I'm happy I made it.

This also means that my copies that I'll be toting down to the Cottage Books and pleading with Bryson to carry should arrive in a few days. (I'm sure it won't be that difficult to persuade him, he's a lovely, kindred, book loving spirit. It's just sometimes I feel unsure of my mouth and it's ability to say things gracefully, and I'm afraid I'll flub my request. My fingers are SO much more sure of themselves when it comes to this "language" thing.)

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