Thursday, June 26, 2008

Save the Bunnies!!!

This morning Marc and I saved a wild bunny.

We saved it from the evil clutches of our most cuddliest cat. She was decidedly uncuddly chasing this poor, palm sized baby around the yard. Poor thing was scared silly.

We put him in one of the old milk crates kicking around here (read: Little Scotia Lawn Chairs) lined it with a quilt hand made for me by my step-mom when I was 10. (The carrot slices and cleaned out chip dip container (read: Little Scotia Tupperware) with water were my sorry contributions to saving baby bunny.

OSPCA took him in for some TLC. (I wanted to love him and hug him and call him George. Marc didn't think my version of TLC was entirely appropriate. C'est La Vie.)


Actually got a few new things on to today. An ipod cozy with clip, sporting a Volkswagon Beetle Button among other things.

Put together a Featured run that actually made sense when it was all lined up together. Thanks, Subconscious!



Alex said... precious! You must have a big heart! =)

I scrolled through the rest of your blog, and I am enjoying the things you are sharing. I plan to return!! =)

Have a great afternoon!

Skywatcher said...

Cool blog you got here ,and i like the tattoo you have it too

littlescotia said...

Groovy. Somebody is reading. (If a writer writes alone in the forest, will anybody read it???)