Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Days Are Just Packed

However, today was beautiful-lazy.

The biggest thing on the list today was buying butter on sale for $2.99 at Valu Mart. And by the time we got there, they were all sold out. (ofcourse.) Since the dawn of time we have been slowly converting our eating habits into something a little more sensible. I drink soy milk or rice milk in my cereal (cause I'm hooked on cereal, and I break out if I have too much dairy.) It's whole wheat pasta quite a bit, and whole wheat bread (although the price of bread lately has been a kick in the teeth, and I think I'm going back to making my own.) and my baked goods always have some whole wheat flour in them.

But, back to the butter thing. This is the latest thing we're doing, instead of eating margarine. And we're using a hell of a lot less, since it costs $4-bloody-dollars a pound. We use grapeseed oil to cook with (primarily grilled cheeses, eggs and pancakes get a swish of grapeseed oil in the pan first.) Anyway, the $2.99 bricks were sold out ("no rainchecks!") and I bought $3.99 butter instead. Which is still .50 cents cheaper than anywhere else, anyway.

My beloved has got a new job, which is exciting. Little Scotia is ever-evolving.

On Wednesday, I'll be continuing my tattoo. (I was to have this bit done 2 weeks ago, but the artists converter thing-a-ma-dooey died that day, and he had to go to Toronto to get a new one. so, I had to put this off until my schedule could accomodate it. ) There will be pictures! I'm excited.

I've been crocheting up a storm, but I think I've made so many cozy's that I'm getting to that point where I start wanting to switch it up. I've got dolls, cross stitching, painting and ACEO's on the go. It keeps me happy.

Somewhere out there, somebody else is getting paid big money to blog. Can I get a blog-agent on this for me? This would be just about the coolest job ever.


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