Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today was THE DAY. It's always a big hullaballo getting prepped for these things, and then BAM... it's over.

I brought a little bit of everything, and sold a little bit of everything. Now is the part where I get to go through the bins that came home, and sort them out. There are some things left that I made specifically for this sale that didn't go, so I'll be taking pics sometime today (when I rehydrate, and maybe do a little gardening.) Oh, and clip my nails.

I broke a nail right at the end of the show. Which is sort of funny, because I grow them purdy maybe twice a year. The grand opening of Marc's work was about 10 days ago. I polished them and everything. They've been driving me bonkers the last 2 days... so, this nail bustage is a little cosmic poke.

I put the strawberries in the ground (finally) and a few other mystery flowers in the front box. (the seedlings were all nice and labelled when we began this mess in March. I think I may have planted Scottish Bluebells, but who can be sure?) Also, I need to find a good bunch of places for all of the Morning Glories that came up. (I'm not sure I have enough sunny spots!)

My house is a mess. 2 or 3 evenings of intense getting-ready has left our Little Scotia a bit of a Little Write-Off.

Some pics of my packed display. (I had more stuff than I realized.)


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