Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin.... saywah? huh?

This gorgeous double rainbow appeared yesterday evening, while Marc and I were hanging out in the gazebo.

So, yeah. Usually Celebrity deaths mean a whole lotta nuthin to me. But, George Carlin? Really? He's one of those guys you'd figure would live FOREVER. He had his perspective in place. He never-minded the bollocks. (Sort of interesting to think on his perspective of death. That, that was that, and don't expect angels to come-a-callin', cause it was all bullshit.) Wouldn't it be the ultimate punchline if he actually FOUND himself at some pearly gates? Yeah, now THAT would be an insane idea for a film... (THE IDEA IS MINE! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!)

Other than that, I've just finished destroying my basement, while pulling out STUFF that's not needed down there. (2 extra kitchen tables, a bitchin' heavy card table, miscellaneous chairs, a couple of area rugs that disagree with my alleriges.... there's still a dresser down there that I want out... I just can't do it by myself. ) Now, I gotta clean down there. I'm gonna need a few garbage bags. I've got 3 giant boxes filled with styrofoam doolallies for shipping (when I was doing alot of shipping on ebay.) None of my etsy items are fragile and don't need the pellets (PELLETS! THAT'S THE WORD!) I counted 4 totes of material... there may be one or two more hiding. I should go through that, too.

GUESS WHAT? It's dinner tiiiime!
(do do do do
do do
do do
can't touch this..


sugar low. Whaddaya want.


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