Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Baby, It's COLD Outside

So, ummm, It's June 18th today. The children get out for summer holiday in about a week. It's flippin FREEZING outside. Overcast, cold enough for winter coats to be comfortable. Our new gazebo sits outside alone and our barbeque is lonely. I hope my tomato and watermelon plants make it. SILLINESS.

I'm sending Mother Nature an email RIGHT THIS INSTANT. I demand some client satisfaction. It's nearly summer, dang nabbit. (officially on Saturday, June 21st.)

How is a good pagan supposed to get out there and celebrate the solstice if I can't tell what season it is??

Alright. Enough ranting. (But, damn it's cold outside.)


You know what I found??? A vintage yellow cocktail dress from the 50's, hiding in the back of my closet. I had taken pics and listed it when I was doing ebay. Someone was interested in it, bought it, never followed through, and in my closet it's been ever since. It's gorgeous. I'm going to list it on etsy as soon as the kids aren't around to admire it with their dirty fingers. :) I need to remeasure it again, so I'll have to have it out.

The Amazing Marc got some new suits today. We dressed up for the outing. Lots of the mom's on the school yard asked me what the occasion was, because I'm generally sporting faded jeans and a ratty T, with the prerequisite hoodie. It IS an occasion to go out and have fun with Marc!

ok. I think I'm food deprived.


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