Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monotonous, Innit?

Here is an updated pic of the tat-so-far. Now that's enough already. I'm sick of looking at my face here. (haha..)

Yesterday I hiked up to the mall, and bought MORE BUTTONS from Fabricland. I've crocheted a ton (tonne?) of cozy's, but didn't have JUST what I was looking for by way of buttons. So, I spent about $10 on some nice wood ones, and a few plastic fun ones (trees, flowers, doggies.. yummy!) The Mom-to-Mom sale is quickly approaching, and every free moment is about getting ready for it. It's only a "three hour tour", but it'll be a nice refresher course. It's been a while.

It's RAINING, it's pouring, daycare babies are snoring. So, I'm going to go crochet something while they sleep.



Mia said...

Your tattoo is beautiful!! I love the colours in the flower! Sweet!! Hope those cozies are coming along great!! :D

Rosebud Collection said...

Wow, what a tattoo..Really nice looking..I have to admit, my arm hurt a little looking at all that work..Your brave..

littlescotia said...

It's definately a big piece! It's taking way longer to finish that what I expected.