Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Don't Drool on the Wool

How long does it take to choose yarn and wool, when all there are only two isles?... Well, I COULD spent easily 40 minutes drooling all over them and never deciding. Alas, I chose a few within about 10 minutes, and blew all the beautiful bundles a kiss before promising them in a whisper that "I'll be back for the rest of you my pretties."

I picked up a big BIG pile of black acrylic, a big BIG pile of bold rainbow cotton, a big BIG pile of bold mixed blue/green/yellows, and then I saw the ORGANIC cotton. I picked a hemp colour, and a green mix in the organic. OH MA GAWD. It was pricey, but It's brilliant to feel and feed through the fingers while crocheting. And just HOW awesome will it be to put that on the Little Scotia label? Very Awesome.

I'm getting excited about the Mom to Mom sale coming up. The crocheting is keeping my fidgety hands busy, and excitement contained.

All this salivating is activating my wonder-stomach. Gotta eat now.


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