Thursday, June 19, 2008

When The Appliances Start Talking, It's Time To Eat.

Impatiently waiting for the Crock Pot to do its thang. It's hissing at me. I must resist the urge to open it until 6:30...

Finishing up some loose ends for the Mom to Mom sale. I still have ACEO's to get ready, and some cards to put together. (I'm having a fly-by-the-seat-of-ma-pants sort of time with it. It'll all work out... as long as I don't forget the float!)

I'm taking my entire current inventory from etsy (plus all the new stuff I've been working on that I haven't bothered to take pics and list, incase they sell.) the COOL thing is that Sunday, I'll be spending the day taking pics of the new stuff and making the store beeeeeautiful with new goodies.

OOooohhh, I bought a pattern at Fabricland that I've been dying to get into. Stuffed animals, that I'll put a Little Scotia spin on. Right after I get the tote bag started and finished for a friend's request. My sewing machine has been sitting on the kitchen floor for a few days. If it had eyes, it would be giving me the big round wet weepy ones. And a pouty lip.

"Why don't you love me? Don't you wanna play?" It would say to me.
"Ofcourse I want to play, sweetie. I love you so much, I can't bear to put you away, and that's why you're on the kitchen floor. We'll play on Sunday, ok??" I would reply.

(I'm either having a sugar high from a scarfed chocolate, or I REALLY need to eat something. Or, I could blame the Crock Pot. It talks too....)

Yeah. Good times. :)

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