Monday, July 27, 2009

I LOVE this part... right...HHHEEEERRREEEE...

My Mondays are like Saturdays, and although theres an element of "relax, Lori!", there's still the "Holy Crap the House is Destroyed, Lori!" reality.

So, Monday's become clean up day! It's also time for doing something fun with kidlets after the cleaning. All I want to do is sew, and make some Scrabble board coasters, and sketch books. (This is what you do with Scrabble boards when you use all the tiles for jewellery. haha.)

I have three orders from the weekend, for scrabble tile pendants (Specific letters with their choice of image.) and that's always exciting. They are doing very well at the market, and that makes me happy. There are a few new items I might be bringing to market (I sold both of the gadget cozy's I usually bring, so I'll have to figure out where the other ones are being stored. I've got 'em... somewhere...)

I'm also selling lots of Watkins traditional medicinals... everyone seems to need Red Liniment, or the salves. So, I've always got them at market with me (until I sell out, and then have to make promises to bring more next weekend.) At the time that I write, I am a WHOLE $130 AWAY from Gold Consultant. What does that mean?

Well, it means that this month, I've already done a hell-of-a-lotta sales! (That's a LOT of lip balm, folks... and Red Liniment, and Natural Plant Based Cleaners, and Salves, etc.) I've also got two associates under me right now, and I get credit for their points too. (It's a nice system.)

So, have a look before the 31st of July to see if there's anything you and your family are low on... Concentrated plant based dish washing liquid, Laundry detergent (also certified natural), cleaners, spices, etc. Help me reach my goal!!!

If you want to do this too, check out the presentation at: . Every new Associate in the month of July gets a free $10 coupon. I can even show you how to do this business WITHOUT selling. Aw yeah.

Ok ok ok, clearly I'm in need of nourishment. The kids have all had their fill of the home made pancakes I made for lunch. And that means it's mom's turn to eat. (and swallow the garlic and other suppliments I'm taking in an attempt to clear my face without drugs.) and do something CREATIVE!

I love this part of the day.


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