Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ma Bust, MaBustMaBustMaBust!

It's is not-quite-Seven-A.M.

I have been up for an hour. The crows were singing on my lawn this morning, and I was ok with that. I've been working from home again for 4 weeks, but maintaining my "up-at-Six-A.M." habit.

It is Wednesday, and the big plans today are to hit the library with the pixies and one of their friends. Sometime before that, I need to start my paper mache display head. I'm going for something like this bust, but with the attitude of a more art-deco, flapper style.

And knowing my style, it will probably end up a little more cartoony than realistic. I have high hopes that it will be ready for Market this weekend -but I dont' think it will be ready. There's alot of drying involved in these babies.

Her function will be to help me display neclaces. I have to incorporate the ability to weigh it down very very well, as Penetang market is always gusty and blowy.

* * * * *

Watkins is going very well. It's so much easier when people already know the product! What I'm finding though, is that all the people who remember the product don't have any one to order from anymore! So, I'm filling that need. But, I have to wonder about all the people that AREN'T getting service for the products they love and can count on. (Salve is just an amazing healer.)

I don't think my bathroom has ever been as clean as it is lately. I can actually use Watkins cleaning items, as they are natural plant based. They don't send my asthma into a two-day-spiral like regular chemical cleaning products. It's awesome.

There's an elmvale market opening up, and I was really hoping to train someone to do what I'm doing with Midland and Penetang, and sign them up to start their own business out there. The money is great, and all I keep thinking is "This could really be helping out a family who needs the income!"

Anywho, the pixies need to eat, and I'm dying to get into the paper mache.

I love working from home :)

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