Sunday, February 12, 2012


So, we had our second real snow of the winter season last night. February what-now? I keep forgetting that it's almost time to start planting the seedlings, due to the lack of long winter.

I know, it seems weird to 'complain' about that, but it makes me worry for the syrup production, and if all the perennials and garlic are going to grow at all come spring.

Anyway, my seedling shelf has been in the kitchen for a month now (gathering random things - that's what happens when you leave flat surfaces around here... they gather schtuff.) and I have yet to put the lights up. Soooon. I didn't get to buy any new seeds, like I wanted to, due to finances. But, we have quiet a bit of seeds left over from last year. I just might not have the variety I had last year.

I'm really hoping to connect with some other seed savers and perhaps trade out or plain out buy some. I'm thinking it might be too late to place orders to get them shipped... but really, it's more about not having the cash on the credit cards right now. If I place an order, I'd guarantee that I'll be spending at least $25.

Rabbits are doing awesome. I'm thinking I'd like to find a white New Zealand doe, however. Maybe one a little younger, so that she's used to being handled. The closest breeder I can find online for the breed is a 2 hour drive from where I am though. (I know the breeders are OUT THERE. They are just quiet about it.) Miss Giselle sure does cop some attitude. I'd like to check to see if our breeding worked by palpitation... but, honestly, I don't think she'll let me.

I'm going to have to build some sort of nexting box for her. Something I can attach to the cage, so she can't move it around. Goddess, I hope she doesn't reject her babies. You know, if there's any in there. Having another doe will let me breed them together - so if one rejects their kits, I can foster them out with the other.

Oh, I went to a party last night, and connected with a woman that has so many things in common with me, it was a little spooky. Ha! We talked most of the night about rabbits, farming, dolls, Doctor Who, and kids. She's got horses! She's also got some rabbit cages she's offered to me, which is fabulous. I'm so excited to connect with her again - such an interesting person, and I'm sure there's so much I can learn from her!

Ummmm, what else.

Oh, I had a HUGE brain fart (otherwise known as "epiphany") about what to do for the farmers market this year. It's sheer brilliance... but top secret until spring. I think I'll be enlisting my daughters this year. I hope they can pick up the fine art of sales.

Tarot classes start this Wednesday. There are a few seats left for a few of the times. I'm pretty excited about that!

I've been available almost non stop all weekend on the chat function for my tarot readings. I'm REALLY liking it. Was busy all weekend. While not actually doing the readings, I spent time reading some of the great books I've borrowed from the library.

The maid still hasn't shown up. So, my beloved and I had to wash the pots and pans today. It was a nice 'quality time' hour... and as much as I like spending time with him, I sure hope that made shows up soon.


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