Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Universe. I'm Listening.

I feel so empowered. I'm not sure why.
Maybe I thrive in the face of diversity.
Maybe I shouldn't be telling the Universe that so much, though.

I thrive, because I know abundance is coming this month!
There, fixed.

This month is busy -with projects due for school, 5 (and possibly 6) days of craft shows to do, my ViSalus business going full steam, Tarot readings... I'm feeling like I have to book family time in. (This busy month, and part of the next, will all settle down in January and February...)

But, I'm super pumped. So much so, that I figure I could take on NaNoWriMo. Yeah, I've sat on this BOOK thing for SO long. I'm writing a little bit in the evening, and a little when picking up the kids from school. (seriously, taking a notebook with me while I wait, I scribble.) It should be interesting.

I think I feel so good, because my partner is so amazing. Really, he handles things. Very well. I'm so glad he is exactly who he is. He keeps me level.

I had a whole wack of things I was going to write about. But now all I can think of is going to bed...


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