Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Jaques Skeleton and The big Whiner.

I hate being sick. I turn into the biggest whiner, and need a nurse maid. Someone to feed me soup and orange juice and say "there there" when I complain.

With back to school, comes back to germs. The elder pixie brought "SOMETHING" home, in the form of a sore throat and runny nose. Despite dosing myself with garlic and Rezist, It caught me.

I don't do "rest" very well, and I definately like "relaxation" on my own terms. There's so much I've got my hands into, I hate taking a break from it. There are orders! Meetings! Watkins catalogues to deliver! Bah.

The couch is full of pixies who are also complaining about the ailment. I think I need to carve myself a spot and learn to relax.

The little skeleton pal will have to wait to be finished...I've hand sewn him completely. But he needs boots....


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