Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bump It!

So, in a giggling fit this morning, I've agreed to take some pics of me in a "bump it". yes, I bought a set. And, I love them. hehe. These 2 pics are how I normally wear my hair. and , Normally, I would roll a piece of my hair , and brush the front layer over.

this is the smaller bump-it. (and, I've just thrown it in, it took 2 minutes, didn't fuss much.)
I took pics of my hair up with the bigger bump it, but I'm having issues trying to get it off the memory card (clearly, I need more coffee) Which is too bad, because DANG that's some big hair!

I'm sitting here in my sweater and jeans, waiting for the mail man to peek through the front door like he does every day, and laugh at my big hair.

Anywho, I know they sell them on TV for about $20, but I got mine at Claires for $13.95, and they had a special, buy one get one half off. So, ifyou go in with a girlfriend, you can each get them for less.

There's the giggle of the day! (and when I can figure out what's going on with my pics, I'll post the BIGGER hair. hhahah.)


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