Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"I want to say in... get things done!"

I"ve finally got my workspace arranged in a way I'm happy with, but it never fails. The coffee table always ends up being my workstation of choice. Which is more about being able to curl up on the couch while sewing/crocheting/knitting, I think!

Oh! Here he is! Felt boots n all!

I"m not sure why he took so long to create. I put him down and LOOKED at him for a week before getting around to boots. Which I made, while at the coffee table....

Last night I got ONE step away from a new little doll. Right now she's done, but for a face, which I'm hoping to paint today. She's on the bookshelf with little man here. He's watching out for her so she doesn't stumble - no eyes, you know. (At least he's got sockets.)

I got pics of all the monkeys hanging around here and put them on Little Scotia yesterday. I also got some pics of the 2 Kameez I had here for etsy, plus a super sweet vintage dress for Autumn. (I think the measurements for it are 44,38,48 or something close to that. It's in the listing. I get exctied about getting work done. There's a box here that is earmarked "waiting to get listed" that I'm putting a lovely dent in.

The day begins. This head cold won't shake. It makes me wonder: "Who caught this first? And why didn't they stay at home until it was completely purged from their system, instead of sharing it with the rest of us?"


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Monica said...

how much do i love the stories that go along with your etsy items.. lol