Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lookin for a Good Crystal.

I went down to Inner Bliss today with Pixie-the-Elder. I love going down there, just to bounce ideas and thoughts around with Rhonda. She's got a lovely calm energy that I just don't seem to feel I possess lately. I mean, I guess I do in moments. Today didn't feel like it, though. The healing energy in there always leaves me feeling like "I should really make time to do some inner work." Soon.. SOOOOON!

I know I need a new crystal. (I say new, as if I have one right now... I don't. My semi precious stone collection has long since dissapeared. Probably the pixies. They like pretty stones, too.) The dream time is fast approaching, and I need one. Unpolished. I just didn't have time to really look and consider today.

I also am thinking it's time to begin studies in earnest with the pixies. They are old enough. And it's not like we'd start with anything esoteric or anything... just a better understanding of the year wheel and festivals etc. I'll have to see if there is any good kid curriculum for such things.

Can't wait until I can share some pics of all the goodies I'm making (and madly trying to finish.)


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