Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pagan Yule Cards.

More Cards! With a Pagan-Twist, ofcourse.

The pictures on them are little ACEO's that I made last year. I was looking at the stamp pictures that some of these ladies are using, and thought "Why in the world would I buy those when I can draw?" And then stumbled apon the ACEO's while getting paper out of the craft dresser.

It makes me happy that my cards are truly UNIQUE, because no one else will have these images.

My plan was to head down to Inner Bliss (Midland Ave, Midland Ontario) with these, and a pile of other items for consignment... but the weather isn't luring me out to walk (with a container of jewellery, these cards, and canvasses...) So, I've arranged a play date with a friend of mine down the road. I'm bringing my scrapping stuff and she's gonna get her stuff out, and there will be MORE cards.. ehhehe...

This is addicting. I understand it now!

Have a Blessed Day!

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