Sunday, December 20, 2009

Non Stop Creative Weekend (Podge, Parte Deux)

This weekend I've finished a crazy amount of dollhouse furniture. Thanks to the podge. I HAD been using a water based varnish on these little pieces, which was very smelly, very messy, and took forever to dry (which meant I needed a place to leave them to sit for 24 hours, safe from cats and kids.) Needless to say, the time required left many many pieces untouched or unfinished.

I dug out some little rub-on decals that I had hidden in the dresser-of-craft, and embellished some of the cute little pieces. This piece above is finished with a paper backing on the back wall of the shelving. It looks SWEET.

All my pics were taken before I painted the little knobs and feet, and before the mirrors were added. I've also got a few little mirrored vanities that are drying, as I type, and some beds.

I'm hoping that there will be some sun out tomorrow, so I can get some decent pics of the finished pieces.

I DID however get some pics for the little crocheted doilies, and they are on etsy right now.

Podge covers the acrylic paint and decals so nicely, and doesn't muddy up the images, either.

I've been considering selling the bases for these little pieces, plus mirrors and decals as a kit. Do you think it would be worth it? And what would you price them at, in comparison to the finished product? I think I'll have to flit around etsy and find out...