Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Waldorf Man and a Question for Etsians...

A new little man! He stands 5" tall (which would make him a small boy for a 1:6 scale, a 5 foot tall dude for a 1:12 scale, and a GIANT for a 1:24 scale dollhouse.)

I was going to finish him off with face etc, like the "Grim reapers day off." and the victorian ladies... but a girlfriend of mine suggested I leave him just as he was. And the more he sat with everyone on the shelf, the more he grew on me, just as he is.

I listed him on etsy this morning.

Although, I'm thinking Friday will be the last day to ship out for Yule and Christmas delivery.

So, take a peek at the store. Many items from the store together will qualify for reduced shipping (I can refund through PayPal.)

I'm thinking of putting the store on holiday after Friday. For those of you who have an etsy store, do YOU close it down during the holidays?


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