Friday, December 4, 2009

Celtic Fun and Fairies For Scrapbooks and Cards!

I spent the day colouring. Here was my thought process:

I've spent the last WEEK drooling over these fancy handmade cards featuring (generally) stamps of cute little kids etc, that the artist will colour in. Then I thought, why in the heck would I buy stamps when I can DRAW? So, I did a page full of drawings. And as I'm drawing, I"m thinking "I should get this photocopied, so I can use them again and again."

Initially, Iwas thinking I would colour them in each time for each card, and then my arm got sore today COLOURING. And I realized how LONG it was taking to colour. And then thought "Why don't I photocopy the coloured page?"...

So, now I have a page fully coloured, that I can cut out the figure again and again for use on these cards that I'm making... THEN I thought.. "Why don't I put this on etsy, and sell the image, so OTHERS can use them in their card making or scrapbooking too?

Now, I'm thinking I might colour a sheet once a week. You know, around all the cardmaking I"m doing :)

In other news, my handmade cards, as well as my scrabble and glass tile pendants, and some paintings are in a local shoppe called Inner Bliss. I went down today with a pile of new stuff, and had a wonderful time absorbing and healing in the fantastic energy of the shop, and chatting with Rhonda.

Today has lasted FOREVER, in the best way.

Happy Friday! Dont' forget to check out my etsy shoppe with the images for scrap booking!


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