Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FREE Tarot Readings! My 100th Blog post!!

Wow, twice in one day!

I've been cleaning up my tarot site, before I do a big push on it. Keen (one of the two sites I have my own businesses set up on.) are giving away one FREE Tarot Reading to new users. I've used this system for over 7 years, and never had a problem with it, EVER! So, if you're interested, even if I'm not on, go and find a reader that you can connect with! Freebies are GOOD!

It's my 100th blog post! That is pretty dang cool! I can't stop using exclaimation marks!


The times they are a changin', and life is still good. I don't mind that our world might be stirred up a bit - I have faith that the Universe is looking out for us, and quite frankly, I'm sort of excited for the changes (which are still in talks, so I can't really say anything more!) But, I can feel the energy around me. There's been a surge in interest for Watkins, and the tarot readings, and I've been painting, and it feels GOOD.

The power of positive thinking works.

Now, go get a FREE Tarot Reading

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