Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hair Chopping and Sick Pixies.

So, I chopped off a pile of hair, to attempt a side bang. Now, none of the photos I took were particularly flattering this morning (because, well, IT'S MORNING. and I'm still in my "lazy" sweater.)

I"m going to have to spend some time with styling tools and gunk (which, as you might know, I am not exactly proficient with) but the blunt-Bettie-bangs were making me crazy. And now that the play is over, I could mess with it.

There'll be more pics later. When I've consumed more tea. And find a more flattering lighting, angle, and maybe have a bit of make up on. hehehe.

Last night was spent on the couch with my sweetie, and then at the computer doing some Watkins work (sweet heart went back to work at 9:30 at night, so I figured I would do the same. You know, before the hair cutting happened.)

This morning I'm home with both of the pixies, coughing and full of delicious sounds. (I wished for a skip off day with them yesterday in my facebook notes.. I should be more careful and specific about my wishes. Like "Can they be healthy AND have a skip off day with me.) and I have to wonder... I've been home with one or the other of them twice a week for the last 3 weeks... Would a traditional employer have fired me by now? Would I have gotten written up? Some sort of hand slapping, because I am home nurse-maiding my children?

Yeah. I like it here. We might live on a little less.. but we have all the time in the world for each other. And in the end, it's these moments that will matter.

Have a wonderful week!

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