Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monkey up the Works.

It's been over a month since I've been here. OVER A MONTH! Why, you ask? Because of a play.

I was asked to fill in for an actress in the current Huronia Players production. So, I got the script in hand three weeks before the production went on.. I've been doing nothing but memorizing lines ever since!

We've been on for two weeks now. Tonight marks the third week of the run, and also the last week.

I know my lines well enough to actually DO something during the day now, besides have my nose in the script. It's really thrown a wrench into things, though. All the things I wanted to make for my etsy store before now...

Today I broke out the jewellery boxes I had started over a month ago for the girls' Yule prezzie. Then I broke open a pack of 3 canvasses... and put backrounds on ALL of them. Without totally knowing what is going to be the focus of each piece. It just felt so good to be smearing paint.

I currently have two pieces down at Inner Bliss on Midland Ave, although I think I'll be collecting them to, and replacing them with these new pieces (which I'm aiming to have done tomorrow.)

The others will be listed on my etsy shop (Vintage Witch)

I spent some time listing some of my etsy items on kijiji today.. including the stuffed pillow monkeys...

I'm babbling. I had a nap this afternoon. It monkeys up the works.


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