Sunday, November 29, 2009

Handmade Project How To: Glittery Christmas Ornaments

So, it's that time of year again! Time to vaccuum off the 30 year old tree, dig out the decorations, and get on my soap box about buying handmade and vintage for Christmas.

One of my favourite things during the tree process is THE SPECIAL BOX. There's a special box in among the decorations filled with things the kids have made. Awkward doily angels, muddy painted ceramics, pen and glued construction paper. It warms my heart to go through that box and remember when the teenager was tiny with pudgy fingers, proudly presenting me with the gifts. The Pixies are JUST past their pudgy-phase, at ages 7 and 8...

Part of the festivities will be to decorate some new ones to go with the long-loved.

You don't have to be an artist to create and enjoy handmade. Here's a simple little project:

You need:
*Tubes of glitter glue
*tiny little "rhinestones"
*new or preferably second-hand-rescued Christmas ball ornaments

find something to hang the ball ornament on. I took a pile of mugs off of a mug tree, and hung my ornaments on it to work on.
Dot the glitter glue on in, and place a little rhinestone jewel in the center. Gently press it in the glue. Don't worry if the glue seems to come up and around the jewel - the glue will dry clear.


This little project brings some extra sparkle to your tree, and is an easy activity to do with the kidlets. It's also an excellent way to save left-for-thrift-stores Christmas ornaments, and a cool project to resell at craft sales or Christmas bazaars.

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