Friday, November 27, 2009

Time Stands Still

It's 9:18am as I write this... and the day already is gorgeous. I opened the door blinds this morning, and the sun is bouncing off my glasses on the inside, causing me to see my cheeks reflected back at me. The pixies are in a clean corner of the basement playing with Barbies and Horses ( i know this, because pixie-the-elder is making alot of horse noises.)

I woke late this morning. It feels like it's been a long long time since I've been able to not set the alarm. I woke at 8:30... it felt glorious to sleep in. (Although it made the Big Tall Boy late for school... as he either doesn't set his own alarm, or it truly is set so quietly that he doesn't hear it. I believe he probably turns it off and rolls over.)

When I stumbled down the stairs, my honeys digital voice recorder was sat on my notebook at my computer. It made me blush a little. How sweet! How kind! Like a wishing fairy showed up while I slept to deliver it. The only way it could have surprised me more is if I were to have found it under my pillow... Mind you, if he had left it there, I probably would have lost it in the sheets.

I've been Sleeping-Messy lately. (You gotta say it like "Sleeping Beauty"..) I've been having vivid crazy dreams this week, and must be dancing horizontal all over the bed.

Last night was surely weird. First, last night was a quiet one. I ended up in the tub for an hour, thinking about life. My earliest memories, and how I should write them down, which morphed into a book I really want to write for my children, because i've been feeling my own mortality lately. And incase my fragile body gives out before they get too much older, I want them to know me.

I know I'll probably live forever... I'll be old old old and won't remember my name, and will probably float around in my earliest memories anyway... but, last night had wierd vibes and energy all over the place, and I felt compelled.

Life is so good, sometimes I think I'm dreaming it.
Life is so good, I wonder if this is heaven.
Life is so good, it feels like time is standing still.....

Revving the cards. Come for a Reading.

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