Sunday, August 9, 2009

Witches Melt in the Rain like Shugah.

This mornings Farmers Market was an absolute rain out. It was just silly, the way it poured down and soaked nearly everything under the tent. Ok, I DIDN'T melt like shugah, but the rain dripped from my hair the entire ride home, and we were both soaked through.

We were home by 10:30, I was back in my jammies by 10:40 (my clothing was soaked!)... Crawled back into bed, to wake at 12ish, to the sun JUST BEAMING down. It's GORGEOUS out there now. I got a weekend permit to do garage sales this weekend, and had half a mind to set up everything in the driveway. (The gazebo is up anyway, to dry out!) BUT, that would mean getting dressed again. :)

Instead, Mr. Incredible and I took some new pics for etsy. (With HIS camera, which is WAY FANTASTIC for close up shots of miniatures.)

Technically, he tooks the shots. :) I simply orchestrated the pieces to go in front of the cam. There are new items for both Little Scotia and Vintage Witch. yay!

This is my favourite of the day:

He attempted to get my whole face, but I moved while laughing.

Good times in Pajamas.

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