Monday, August 17, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy Jig.

Back from the mini-vay-cay, and pretty happy to be home.

The first thing that had to be done this morning was to purge the fridge of some questionable items, then go shopping to fill it back up. I pinched a nerve in my back, pushing around a Superstore cart. Seriously. I am unimpressed. And after $174, I STILL forgot the milk.

I recieved some leads from the Summit Group for my business, and sent out emails first thing this morning. These were the freebies they were giving for me recruiting a few people to my business. So, I've got packages ready to mail, and then follow ups to do with the packages I mailed off last week. It's getting busy, and I have to watch that I'm not spending more time in front of the computer, than with the pixies for the last few weeks of summer.

However, there is that looming Bell bill (thanks to the teenager) that I have to cover, until he babysits enough to pay me back. So, I'm a little conflicted. Anyone got any good time-managements websites they can share?


I called Penetang Market this morning, to book my spot for the 22nd, but I've yet to hear back from them on confirmation. Hopefully I'll get in, but if not I'll be at the Midland one. With a few bottles of Liniment tins of Medicated Ointment and some of the hand,nail and cuticle salves for those of you who are gardening or experiencing some dry hands. ( I use this stuff on my heels, too.)


I"m still drooling and planning heavily in the direction of IKEA. I really want to get the girls some new beds that won't eat up their entire bedroom. They also have a wonderfully big rug there that I think I want, and it's only $149 or so (for a 6.5 x 9ish size) I'll have to put an order in with the universe, and see what comes of it.

The pixies want juice. I suppose I should oblige. And then throw them in the bathtub.

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