Monday, January 26, 2009

Are The Holidays Over Yet?

My attempt at taking a pick, by myself, of my big hair.

I love doing great big hair-do's.

So, I feel like i"m just NOW coming down off the holiday craziness. But, really what's been happening, is I"ve been painting like a madwoman.

I have a show for the month of February, at The Rye Cafe in Midland, Ontario, and I'm very excited. But not nearly prepared as I'd like to be.

I've also been chipping away at the mess I like to call home. There are THINGS to DO here! I make GREAT messes. So, the challenge has been to clean a little something everyday, and still maintain all the cleaning I"ve done previously. I never wanted to be obsessed with the state of my house... but I sure would like to have company over without moving what ever crafting project I've got on the go, piles of books, and toys. (see the balls of yarn shoved on the couch arm, next to where I was painting? Yeah... that sort of thing...)

Yes, Virginia, I'm still sewing diapers. They are pretty popular! I've now got some pink and white gingham, blue and white gingham, as well as the rainbow bubble pattern for flannel. I've also tweaked the pattern, so it fits better with the extra layers inside.

See them at etsy!

See YOU at the Rye in February!

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