Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So, everything is moved out of the studio, and I returned the key on Monday morning. (it's Wednesday.) I'm a lot less angry and disappointed now. But, still feeling lost. Where do I go from here?

I gave away more than half of the studio contents - crafting and art stuff, furniture, so much material. The rest of it is in my basement. There is no room to work on anything in the house. And, now I don't know where to go from here.

The path I was on has completely dropped out from under me. I can't do readings at all when I'm like this. So, I revived my daycare site, however my intentions are not to have kids in the house but to be a live-out nanny. Not sure what else there is for me. It's the only other thing I know, that I'm good at, that comes as second nature.

My little home businesses make bits every month, but they can't cover what is due immediately. I don't have the luxury of having a few weeks to build them harder.

So, I had a point when I started typing. It's poofed.

If you know anyone who wants an amazingly crafty nanny, give 'em my name...


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