Sunday, January 22, 2012

.......You Might Be a Doomer (say it like the Redneck Guy. What's his name again?)

The Universe points me in the directions I'm supposed to be going. After the drama of last march, I'm afraid to NOT listen. There is a lot of trust going on here, though. To not hit the panic button and change direction is taking an awful lot of will power.

I think however, there's an inner "Doomer" trying to get out. Hehe. What's a "Doomer" you ask?

Yeah, the sky is falling, the end of the world is here, the pioneer days are back, I got left behind during the apocolypse, I'm ready for zombies. Those are extreme examples, I suppose. More scientifically, Doomers worry about food shortages and crisis, oil crisis, money crisis. And, are prepared.

I think there's always been THAT person in me lurking (there are people who've known me a long time who got used to the phrase "When the pioneer days come back." coming out of my mouth. )

Taking the Sustainable Urban Agriculture course, gardening and learning to preserve, learning to sew, and now rabbits? Yes, I really should make peace with this part of me, and not let the doomsday notions take over. I think I've kept it in check pretty well so far.

Oh yes, the Rabbits have arrived! I'm so pleased, they are beautiful. The doe is a Champagne D'argent, and she is so BIG! The buck is only 6 months old, and he's a New Zealand Satin cross. He is SO social! Tomorrow however I'm going to have to get them some litter boxes, and proper food. And once they are settled in for a bit, it'll be time to breed them. (I should probably check the moon on that one.)

I have so much to learn - But this is another one of those things that has just felt RIGHT.

The garden plan is plotted, I have most of my seeds already, I've got a bunch of jars in the basement... What's most pressing is learning everything I can about the rabbits, getting through my second course (Food Processing for Urban Gardens) and finding the money. (Again, the Universe said "this is what you must do" and I say "ok, make it so!)

I'm babbling. I have an assignment to finish.


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