Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweater Yeti.

THIS is the Sweater Yeti.
I had set out to make a "Tooth Beary", but as he came together, he tersely corrected me.

He's tall, and firm. And sort of grumpy.
Ok. He's really grumpy.

And He just happens to have a pocket on his back.
He says it's not for teeth.
"It's for cool, manly man stuff."

I tried to put him with the rest of the stuffies.
He promptly said:
"See that bear back there. Total Candy-Ass."
His words. Not mine.

He then proceeded to make everyone hate him.
So, I had to move him.
I told him I still really REALLY like him.
He told me to "Stuff it."
I said, I already did.
He didn't think my joke was funny.

I moved him over onto the big chair, next to the Homo Sweet Homo pillow.
He was happier there.
But, he told me to tell NO ONE.
Then I told him I was going to make him some pants.
He gave me the finger.
Which is pretty impressive for a stuffed bear
with no fingers.
True Story.

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