Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Losing the ohm.

So, the Universe sets me on this path. Says "Stop the Money grab, do what your soul is here to do."
And, I listen. (More like I was forced to listen, and then decided to go with it. ) So, it's THAT month. Where, there's more month than money, and I have tried to remain calm. I have been optimistic. I have been open and allowed the Universe to bring the money. The end of the month is creeping up on me.

Even though I'm doing my soul's work, money must still come. Life requires it.

I have been considering all manner of insanities to make it come. All of the things are NOT my souls work. I'm feeling confused. Because the last time I didn't do my soul's work and got wrapped up in the money, the Universe had me fall on my ass and sit still for 3 weeks. So does that mean I'm stepping backward if I take a minimum wage job? (You should see how much work it is to dumb down my resume.)

This is hard.

I think today I am stuck.

I hope I feel better tomorrow.


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