Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 - Everybody Else Is Doing It...

Oh yes, I have goals for this year. Things I'm striving towards.

*Downsize the contents of our little house. Too much stuffs!
*Continue building my businesses - although they are changing just a little. (I've been spending more time with tarot, and It's becoming the focus for main earnings.)
*Carry on with my Urban Ag courses - I'm thinking I should have my certificate in hand by Spring 2013.
*Help my Sweetheart in whatever way I can with his catering plans after he is finished cooking school. (which is in a few more weeks.)
*Find a way to get us into our own home by autumn. This one is ready for a new family. The pixies need their own rooms. Or a bigger one to share.
*Still planning on doing lots of gardening, for our family's consumption.
*Writing! The short stories are ready to get out. The long fictions need attention.
*Get the littlest pixies teeth fixed. This one really, is the priority on my list.
*Involve the kids with the urban homesteading more - they did a great job last year!

I might be forgetting some things. But, there, there's my list.

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