Saturday, January 14, 2012

Angels and Loud Spirits.

I have been working on this painting for ages. Or, rather, I've been looking at it half finished on the wall at the studio for ages.

The title of the piece is "Gabriel Before Me." And Although I'm pretty happy with the darkness, the light that is supposed to come from Gabriel, and the near transparentcy of the grass and backround, the articulation of the shading on the body of the angel is not THERE yet.

I adore the absolute imperfection of the figure itself - the proportions and curves I adore. I wanted them to be a little 'monsterish'... a little "off" from what we think proper proportions are.

There's part of me that likes it very much the way it is. You're never really supposed to be able to see a whole angel, I wanted the angel to be shady and untouchable in a way. But something feels undone yet, and I don't know what it is...

Today I did quite a few readings in the studio. They have been very good - Today however, someone came through with their name SO loud that I ended up with a headache for a few hours. Although I get names more and more these days, the headache was new. I ended up on the couch sleeping for about 2 hours, curled up against my beloveds warmth, in an attempt to ground or recharge or rest or SOMETHING.

It was very good to get the name of the person my client was asking about - Validations are good. However, he was very intense and LOUD. The headache I could have done without.

I'll be sure to make notes of any dreams I have this evening!

And on that note, it's feeling like bedtime. Despite my intention to make something out of this Saturday night.


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