Monday, October 6, 2008

My Winter Solstice Shopping

It's been a big thing on my mind... making the winter solstice festival at our house a special one, and not doing that by "buying" my kids. As they get older, I'm making the festivities more about food and family, rather than gimmie gimmie.

I want everything to be made or chosen with love, but I realize that my skills only go so far. I've taken the Handmade Pledge and for the environment, for better gift giving, and for a better Winter Celebration (what ever yours might be) I hope you will consider it to.

I've been busy making HUGE messes in my little studio (and all over the house) getting ready with stuff to gift and list so you can buy handmade too!

Make sure that the money you decide to spend this upcoming season goes to real people rather than through the mass production retail system. (for more on this idea, read this etsy article.)


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